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Вам нужно сократить расходы? Вы не требовательный покупатель и довольны ли вы использованным, но полностью функциональным магнитным сепаратором? Итак, у нас есть эти магнитные сепараторы для вас.

Overband magnet with automatic cleaning SOLLAU  (model DND-AC Nm5)

Overband magnet with automatic cleaning SOLLAU  (model DND-AC Nm5)It is designed to capture in a quick and easy way valuable ferromagnetic particles from a product stream and at the same time it protects the subsequent machinery (crushers, presses, screw conveyors, etc.) from damage by ferromagnetic objects (broken machine parts , bolts, nuts, wires, etc.). The tramp ferrous metal extracted from the belt conveyor is automatically removed for further processing or accumulation. The neoymium separator DND-AC Nm5 is a device in a special configuration to ensure the highest efficiency of the separation process and that is why there are used two kinds of magnets: the extremely strong neodymium magnets extract ferromagnetic particles from the material and ferrite magnets help remove these particles from the working area of the magnetic separator.

Machine data

  • Year of manufacture: 2018
  • Condition: good (the separator is used, but fully functional)
  • Magnet type: neodymium magnets (in the working length of 1000 mm) with a ferrite discharge pole (working length: 400 mm)
  • Min. size of Fe particles that can be caught: 1 mm
  • Motor: NORD 2.2 kW (400 V AC, 50 Hz)
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Recommended for crosssuspension above a conveyor belt with a width of: max. 1000 mm
  • Recommended suspension height (working distance): up to 250 mm
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Dimensions: 280 x 1950 x 1200 mm
  • Color: blue
  • Number of available pieces: 1
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • The device is complete with wiring terminated at the motor screw terminal and is ready for collection at SOLLAU s.r.o.


Offer price: 9 999 € (without VAT) / 1 pc. EX WORKS Hřivínův Újezd, Czech Republic

Eddy current separator made by Wagner Magnete

Eddy current separator Wagner MagneteModel 0429-49-120) for the recovery of valueable non-ferrous materials and for the protection of machines and plants.

Technical parameters

  • Year of manufacture: 2019
  • Ex-display machine, the separator is in fact new (so far it has been used only for presentation purposes and for material tests for less than 22 hours in total)
  • Rotor type: eccentric
  • Rotor diameter: 490 mm
  • Number of magnetic poles: 12
  • Working width: 1200 mm
  • Max. production capacity: 60 – 85 m3/h (depending on the material)
  • The appliance is complete, i. e., including the control panel with a LCD screen.

Usually this separator is used for cleaning of

  • Municipal waste
  • Biomass
  • Wood pulp
  • Crushed glass
  • Ash from incinerators


Offer price: 49 900 € (without VAT) / 1 pc EX WORKS Hřivínův Újezd, Czech Republic