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Продажа подержанных машин

Вам нужно сократить расходы? Вы не требовательный покупатель и довольны ли вы использованным, но полностью функциональным магнитным сепаратором? Итак, у нас есть эти магнитные сепараторы для вас.

Electromagnetic separator over conveyor DND-AC E2

These powerful electromagnetic separators excel at high power and the deep magnetic field. Thanks to this, they can be used for separating metals from a higher layer of separated material.

The magnet is designed for installing above the conveyor with a belt width of 800 mm.

The suspended electromagnet is supplied including the control box, as a complete device.

The magnet undergoes thorough tests - have a look at the table showing the capturing capabilities of individual test measurement standards and measuring the magnetic induction at different distances from the magnet.


  • Max. conveyor belt width: 800 mm
  • Max. recommended installation height: 400 mm
  • Magnet power supply: 6.5 kW
  • Magnetic induction: 5,000 G (on the coil)
  • Total length: 2,510 mm
  • Total height: 612 mm
  • Total width: 1,770 mm
  • Conveyor belt width: 1,230 mm
  • Belt speed: 2,2 m/s
  • Belt type: rubber, with noses
  • Degree of electrical protection: IP55
  • Drive: Nord, 400/690 V, 50 Hz, 3 kW
  • Control: control box - included in the price
  • Working cycle: 100%. 24 hrs / day
  • Dimensions: see the drawing
  • Weight: 3,320 kg


EUR 11.999